Is It Okay To Buy Condoms At A Gas Station?

How much are Magnum condoms at CVS?

29.4981.9¢ / ea..

Can you trust gas station condoms?

Condoms you buy from the gas station are just as effective as the ones you’d buy from say, CVS or Wal-Greens. You just have to make sure that they’re expiration dates are okay.

Is it embarrassing to buy condoms?

Buying condoms in stores can be embarrassing. However, you should not be too hard on yourself if you feel like the cashier is judging you every time you are buying them – it turns out, most people are embarrassed when they do it. … But this may be the case only for buying ‘regular’ items – not when buying condoms.

How do you ask for condoms at a gas station?

Convenience stores and gas stations often sell condoms as well. These stores are smaller and have less people. If you purchase from a convenience store, you may have to talk to the cashier and let him or her know that you need to buy condoms, as most times they are located behind the counter.

Why are condoms locked up now?

A number of pharmacies and retailers are locking condoms up or putting them out of the customer’s easy reach in order to prevent shoplifters from walking off with their stock of prophylactics.

Who should buy the condoms?

Adults have sex. Condoms help prevent the spread of STDs and pregnancy. Buying condoms is a normal, responsible thing to do and you should be proud of yourself for buying them, never ashamed.

Does 711 sell condoms?

Need some condoms today? Use our store locator to find stores that carry ONE® near you! Exclusive promotion at 7-Eleven only! Get 50% off when you purchase any 2 packs of 3’s ONE Condoms at 7-Eleven.

What do Magnum condoms do?

Magnum lubricated latex condoms have these special features: Larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort; Tapered at the base for a secure fit; Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity; Special reservoir and for extra safety; Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk; Individually …