Question: What Is Obeisance Mean?

What does Obeisant mean?

A gesture or movement of the body, such as a curtsy, that expresses deference or homage.


An attitude of deference or homage.

[Middle English obeisaunce, from Old French obeissance, from obeissant, present participle of obeir, to obey; see obey.].

How do you use obeisance in a sentence?

They made obeisance to the sultan. He made obeisance to the king. The general commands absolute obeisance. Alexei completed his obeisance, then sat up. We all make obeisance to it. Was she about to make some obeisance to it? Do obeisance to the florid China oriflamme!More items…•

What is the act of obeisance?

An obeisance is an act, usually physical, showing dutiful obedience. A supplicant might perform obeisance, touching his face to the ground, before humbly asking for help. Obeisance is often used in historical or religious contexts and often refers to bowing or kneeling.

How do you use beguile in a sentence?

Beguile sentence examplesThey frequently beguile their toil with carols. … Grocery stores and restaurants use coupons to beguile customers into buying more than they intended. … Justin used cunning methods to beguile his twin sister into doing his homework as well as her own.More items…

What Is an Abeyance Order? An abeyance order is a court order declaring that the legal right to property or claim is held in abeyance, or temporarily placed on hold until matters are resolved.

How do you use abeyance in a sentence?

Abeyance sentence examplesThis regulation fell into abeyance after the 12th century, and such inscriptions are very rare. … Charles the Fair having died and left only a daughter, the nations rights, so long in abeyance, were once more regained.More items…

What does Shemozzle mean?

noun. informal a noisy confusion or dispute; uproar.

Is Obeyance a word?

noun. Obedience, obeying; obeisance, homage; an instance of this.

What does deferentially mean?

: showing or expressing respect and high regard due a superior or an elder : showing or expressing deference listened with deferential attention to his grandfather deferential to the judge’s decision. Other Words from deferential Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about deferential.

How do you use beguiling in a sentence?

Beguiling sentence examplesThe woman across the hall held the same beguiling aura. … He was always enthusiastically fond of swimming, and was a great believer in fresh air, taking a cold air bath regularly in the morning, when he sat naked in his bedroom beguiling himself with a book or with writing for a half-hour or more.More items…

What is another word for obey?

In this page you can discover 72 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for obey, like: answer-to, yield, submit, accept, rebel, comply, acquiesce, follow, mind, do what one is told and behave.