Quick Answer: What Is A Keep Right Sign?

What is a pentagonal sign?

Pentagonal signs indicate that you are in a school zone.

Be extra alert to children and pedestrians when driving near a school..

What sign warns you that you must slow down?

CardsTerm What is the minimun age at which you can get a Class C drivers license without either driver education or being a hardship case?Definition 18Term what type of sign warns you that you should slow down for a sharp rise in the roadway?Definition yellow diamond “BUMP”166 more rows•Jul 30, 2010

What is the shape of a Keep Right sign and how should the driver react?

What is the shape of a “keep right’ sign, and how should the driver react when he sees one? A yellow diamond that has two arrows pointing up and down, he should keep to the right lane. Vertical, white rectangle; Drivers who are driving slower than other vehicles on the roadway should keep right.

Which shape is a warning sign?

DiamondDiamond-shaped signs signify warnings. Rectangular signs with the longer direction horizontal provide guidance information. Pentagons indicate school zones. A circular sign warns of a railroad crossing.

How long should you be at a stop sign?

There is no 3 seconds rule. When stopping at a stop sign or stop line you need to come to a complete stop at or before the stop line (or intersection if there is no stop line), look and then give way to vehicles and/or pedestrians. Once it is safe, proceed.

What is a merge sign?

The merge sign is a regulatory sign. Drivers who encounter a merge sign are warned that two separate roadways will converge into one lane ahead. … Drivers on the main highway should be aware of merging vehicles. Merging vehicles must yield to traffic on the main highway.

What are the 8 basic shapes of signs?

What are the meanings of the eight shapes of signs: octagon, triangle, vertical rectangle, pentagon, round, pennant, diamond, horizontal rectangle? Octagon -> Stop. Triangle -> Yield.

What are the 7 main types of traffic signs?

SignsTraffic Signs.Red and White Regulatory Signs.Warning Signs.Highway Construction and Maintenance Signs.Service Signs.Guide Signs.

What color are most warning signs?

yellowMany road signs warn you to slow down or watch for hazards or special conditions ahead. Most warning signs are yellow and diamond-shaped with black letters or symbols. Some common warning signs are shown on the next slides.

What does this sign mean slower traffic keep right?

Slower Traffic Keep Right This sign is posted for those driving slower than the normal speed of traffic on a multilane highway. It tells the slow driver to drive in the right lane.

What is an example of a guide sign?

Guide signs include highway route markers, street signs, mile markers, exit signs, toll road signs, logo service signs and rest area signs. Rectangular but sometimes come in other shapes like shields or squares.

What is the meaning of keep left sign?

At a keep left sign you must drive to the left of the sign. At a keep right sign you must drive to the right of the sign. No entry sign. This sign means you are not allowed to enter the area ahead. You must not drive past this sign.

What are octagonal signs used for?

A driver should be able to immediately recognize that an octagon-shaped sign means STOP. This shape is used exclusively for yield signs. A driver should be able to immediately recognize that an equilateral triangle shaped sign pointed down means YIELD to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Is a hospital sign a guide sign?

Hospital signs let you know that there is a medical establishment nearby. These service signs are frequently accompanied by a placard that points in the direction you need to take to reach the hospital.

What does blue P sign mean?

The blue parking sign with the white ‘P’ is often placed on a white plate that contains parking restrictions and rules as detailed below. Other parking signs may also display restrictions such as permit holders only, resident permit parking only, payment parking and voucher parking.

What does a yellow sign mean?

Yellow: Yellow signifies WARNING. Yellow traffic signs stand for slowing down, driving with caution, or a general warning. It may be yellow, or yellow-green with black wording or symbols. This sign warns you about hazards or possible hazards on or near the roadway.

What is the normal color and shape of a warning sign?

WARNING SIGNS normally are yellow and diamond-shaped, with black letters or symbols.

At what time of the day should your headlights be turned on?

Headlights must be on from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. Headlights must also be in use when visibility is less than 1000 feet. Headlights are required when weather is adverse, such as fog, rain, sleet or snow.

What does a route sign tell you?

These signs are square or rectangular shaped, and are blue with white let ters or symbols. They show the location of various services; such as rest areas, gas stations, campgrounds or hospitals. The shape of route signs indicate the type of road- way, interstate, U.S., state, or county.

What is a wrong way sign?

The Wrong-Way or Do-Not-Enter sign will mean that you are driving into oncoming traffic or you are entering into a restricted area. These signs can be seen in drive ways or alleys and you should always backup or stop when you see these signs on the road.

What does clearway sign mean?

Clearways and special event clearways A clearway is used to improve traffic flow and safety during peak periods. You must not stop your vehicle at the kerb between these signs during the times shown unless there is a medical emergency. … A broken yellow line is also used to indicate a clearway.