What Is Another Word For Stated?

What’s another word for clearly stated?

What is another word for clearly stated?clearcogentlogicallucidrationalsensiblewell-argued.

How do you use as stated by?

Please confirm whether or not your client accepts that the law as stated by Mr Hollingsworth at para. 29 of his statement is correct. The Plaintiff accepts as correct the summary of facts as stated by the Defendant in its factum as follows.

What’s a word for a saying?

SYNONYMS FOR saying 1 maxim, adage, saw, aphorism.

What is the synonym of stated?

said, declared, indicated, reported, asserted, affirmed, noted, expressed, mentioned, testified, claimed, told, argued, announced, explained, contended, outlined, specified, shown, described, indicates, commented, stipulated, advised, referred, clarified, pointed, contained.

What does stated mean?

adj. 1 (esp. of a sum) determined by agreement; fixed. 2 explicitly formulated or narrated.

What is another word for declared?

SYNONYMS FOR declare 3 aver, asseverate, state. 4 disclose, publish.

What should I say instead of according to?

Synonyms foras reported by.as stated in.conforming to.in agreement with.in consonance with.in keeping with.in line with.just as.

What is a fancy word for say?

In this page you can discover 84 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for say, like: state, announce, speak, remark, tell, articulate, assert, declare, mention, talk and question.

What’s another word for it states?

What is another word for it states?it claimsit exclaimsit mentionsit saysit announcesit conveysit disclosesit divulges

What is another word for infuriated?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for infuriated, like: enraged, angry, angered, incensed, exasperated, vexed, riled, outraged, irritated, inflamed and aggravated.

What is another word for has been?

What is another word for has-been?outdatedoutwornbygoneformermustyold-timeold-worldpastancientantediluvian146 more rows

What is a stated message?

Term: Stated vs. Implied. Main Idea. Description: Stated= direct=clear = identifies message. Implied= suggested = inferred = reader must figure it out.

What does sate mean?

sated; sating. Definition of sate (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to cloy with overabundance : glut. 2 : to appease by indulging to the full sate one’s thirst.

What means utter?

The adjective utter is often used as an intensifier to mean “total” — often with negative connotations (like “utter failure”). As a verb, the word has a totally unrelated meaning: to speak or to articulate a sound. If you utter something, you give it voice.