Where Is The Most Winning Lottery Tickets Sold?

What state has the most lottery winners?

Missouri is second with 31 winners, followed by Minnesota at 22.

Florida has had 12 big winners, including a Melbourne Beach couple, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt, who shared the biggest jackpot of any kind in U.S.

history, dividing the $1.58 billion prize on Jan..

Where are the most winning lottery tickets sold in Georgia?

What gas station sells the most winning lottery tickets in…The B&P Mart on East National Cemetery Road in Florence has sold the most lottery tickets worth $10,000 or more in the last 10 years, according to The State’s analysis of South Carolina Education Lottery data.Fantasy 5 GA, with jackpot odds of one in 850,688, is the best lotto bet you can make in Georgia.More items…•

Which lottery has the best chance of winning?

Which Lottery Has The Best Jackpot Odds?Odds of Winning JackpotEuromillions1 : 139,838,160PowerBall (US)1 : 292,201,338MegaMillions (US)1 : 302,575,350SuperEnaLotto (Italy)1 : 622,614,63019 more rows

Where was the winning lottery ticket sold?

The massive win comes just days after a Sydney woman won a huge $50 million Oz Lotto prize with her first-ever ticket. The woman was visiting Sussex Inlet on the New South Wales south coast this week when she bought a ticket in the Tuesday night draw.

What scratch tickets have the best odds?

Top 10 MASS Lottery Scratch OffsRankGame NameOverall Odds1Diamond Millions1 in 2.772Fastest Road to $1 Millions1 in 2.773200X1 in 2.784Ultimate Millions1 in 2.796 more rows•6 days ago

How much taxes do you pay on a $5000 lottery ticket?

Some highlights: Lottery winnings of $600 or less are not reported to the IRS; winnings in excess of $5,000 are subject to a 25 percent federal withholding tax. When jackpot winners file their taxes, they find out if any of that amount gets refunded, or if they owe even more.

Which state has the lowest taxes on lottery winnings?

Ten states, along with Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, don’t charge any state taxes on lottery winnings: California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Those winners would end up with a pot of about $697.5 million.

Has anyone in Montana ever won the Powerball?

Nobody won the Powerball jackpot Wednesday, which was estimated to be worth $90 million. … Montana is one of 44 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands that participate in the Powerball lottery.

What’s the best scratch off ticket to buy in Georgia?

Top 10 Georgia Lottery Scratch Off OddsRankGame NameOverall Odds1Fastest Road to $1,000,0001 in 2.522Billionaire Club1 in 2.543Royal Jumbo Bucks1 in 2.554Super Money1 in 2.556 more rows•6 days ago

What are the best 20 scratch off tickets to buy?

10 Best $20 Scratch Off Odds in the USRankGame NameTicket Price1Extreme Crossword$202Super 20s$203Jewel Game Book$204Nebraska Black$206 more rows•6 days ago

Do you pay taxes twice on lottery winnings?

And in all likelihood, at least one state is going to win big twice. That’s because lottery winnings are generally taxed as ordinary income at the federal and state levels (and, where applicable, locally). In fact, most states (and the federal government) automatically withhold taxes on lottery winnings over $5,000.

Can IRS take my lottery winnings?

If you win the lottery, your prize is always taxable, and the state lotto agency that pays the prize may have an obligation to report your winnings to the IRS and withhold taxes from it. But even after the appropriate taxes are withheld, the remaining lottery winnings may still be vulnerable to IRS collections.